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Last Updated: 02. June 2016

Background of Espresso Coffee Machines

Since its conception, Espresso - the Italian coffee brewing technique has won the whole over. The year was 1884 in Turin, Italy when the first Espresso coffee machine was built. Who would have guessed back then that the world of coffee would forever be changed.

In the decades that followed, espresso has grown to become a symbol uncompromising quality. Its rich flavour, intense aroma and crema layer on the top, make it a preferred choice for coffee lovers.

Today there are many espresso coffee machines on the market meaning that you no longer have to make a trip to the cafe in order to enjoy your favorite coffee beverage.

  • Office espresso machines are becoming hugely popular for commercial use. 
  • Quick and easy access to your all your favorite espresso based coffee beverages from the convenience of your office.
  • Boost your business’ professional image by offering your clients an espresso at your next meeting.

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Compare Price and qaulity of office coffee machines.

Espresso Coffee Machine

Varieties of Espresso Coffee Machines

Over the years espresso coffee machines have evolved tremendously. Manufacturers are constantly working to improve their product in the quest for the ultimate coffee experience. In general there are four classifications of espresso coffee machines:

Manual espresso machines

For the die hard coffee purist, these machines require an extensive background knowledge to operate. Because maintaining the correct specifications for heat and water pressure takes quite a bit of practise, there is a large learning curve and therefore no guarantee that your coffee will come out any good.

It is not recommended to attempt to operate a manual espresso machine unless you are a trained barista or a devoted coffee enthusiast.

Semi-automatic espresso machines

The semi automatic variety of espresso machines is an overall much more forgiving machine in terms of ease of operating. The automated pump and temperature control takes a lot of the guesswork out of brewing espresso while still allowing for the user's own personal touch regarding how ‘long’ the coffee beverage will be.

Automatic espresso machines

Automatic machines further simplify the espresso brewing process by combining automatic pumps and boiler temperature control along with a volume control on drinks. In other words, the sizes of the beverages are pre-determined.

Super automatic espresso machine

Espresso machines of the super automated variety will go through the whole process from grinding the coffee beans to adding milk to finally delivering the desired cup of coffee, all with the push of a button. Also commonly known as bean to cup coffee machines.

What Sets Espresso Apart?

The first step begins with heating up the water within the boiler. The pressure caused by the buildup of steam pushes the hot water through pipes that lead to the group head. Within the group head is where the hot water and finely ground coffee infuse and extract the coffee’s natural oils. This is the “crema” which sits on top of the coffee and is also where the cornucopia of aroma and flavour lie.

Comparing Regular and High End Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines

Regular espresso machines can be placed into two categories. The first being single boiler machines. Having only one boiler limits these machines to performing only a single process at a time. Whether that be espresso brewing or steaming milk.

The second classification are heat exchanger machines. These machines have the capability to simultaneously brew and steam milk. However, doing so will cause a loss of of temperature or pressure and is therefore not ideal.

An espresso machine equipped with dual boilers fall under the professional class of espresso machines. Having separate boilers allowing for simultaneous brewing and milk steaming without any loss of temperature or pressure.

Group Head

Group Heads

The group head is the detachable portafilter mount where the ground coffee is stored while brewing. While every espresso machine has at least one group head professional machines can have 2, 3, or even 4 group heads working simultaneously.

Price Range of Espresso Coffee Machines

The price of your espresso machine will depend on the various features it is equipped with. The more group heads and boilers the machine has can quickly raise the price range of the machine. Small home espresso machines can start at around £100 while large professional espresso coffee machines with 4 group heads can easily reach up to £20,000. But fortunately with such a wide spread it's possible to find an espresso machine that will match your exact business needs.


Compare price and quality of commercial coffee machines.

Renting or Leasing an Espresso Coffee Machine

Depending on the specifications of your machine, the average cost for coffee machine rental is around £15 to £40 per week. Lease coffee machine plans are very popular among businesses because it gives you the chance to test drive your machine to see if the model in question will fit your specific needs. Thereafter you can make up your mind on whether or not to purchase the machine. This adds a lot of flexibility to the purchasing process.

Finding the perfect solution for your business can be a tough and time consuming endeavor. We can help you save time and money while finding the best espresso coffee machine which fits your business needs. Fill out a quote request form today and our team of professionals will provide you with up to four free quotes from qualified suppliers. This service is completely free and there is absolutely no obligation.