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Last Updated: 02. June 2016

Built In Coffee Machines

Have you been dreaming about having a high end coffee machine but don’t have the space to put it? There's good news! With the convenience of a built in coffee machine you can integrate the device right into your kitchen model, in the same way as an oven or microwave would.

  • Save kitchen space with a built in coffee machine 
  • Cheaper than ordering coffee from a cafe everyday
  • Enjoy barista quality coffee from the convenience of your kitchen

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Where Can a Built In Coffee Machine be Installed?

A built in coffee machine is a module which is not made to be used on its own, but to be stationary and permanently installed as a part of an integrated system.

There are two important location requirements when attempting to install a build in coffee machine. One, the machine is typically build into a kitchen module and therefore, there must be a vacant space to do so. Two the machine needs to have access to a water supply.

Kitchen Built In Coffee Machine

As long as the machine has a water access point, the machine can be placed in different settings. For example, a build in coffee machine has the possibility to be installed as part of a specific area such as, a workplace, in coffee shops or lounge areas. As long as the above requirements are met, then you’re already well on your way towards installing your new build in coffee machine.

Why Should You Buy a Built In Coffee Machine?

Black Built In Coffee MachineA build in coffee machine offers a superb coffee experience similar to having a personal barista in your home or office. The smart design and integrated coffee bean grinder not only ensures the utmost beverage quality, but also satisfies a wide variety of coffee beverage types, including many milk based drinks.

Additionally, most consumers expect that their coffee machine is easy to use. More and more coffee machine designers are heeding this demand by putting a lot of attention on the usability of their machines. Many built in coffee machine on the market today can be operated with a single touch of a button. This aims to eliminate the need for any prior knowledge or training before using the machine. However, some models of built in coffee machines offer a manual milk frother to accommodate those who wish to add their own personal touch to their coffee beverage.

The elegant and minimalistic design of built in coffee machines means that they fit in nicely in most modern kitchens or office environments. The sleek surface of these coffee appliances add a profound sense of style to the entire room. Furthermore, the metal surface makes cleaning and maintenance incredibly simple, a valuable advantage in our already stressful lives.

What Types of Coffee Can a Built In Coffee Machine Make?

These days integrated coffee makers can serve a wide variety of coffee beverages, from traditional espresso to modern specialities such as cappuccinos and macchiatos. Like most things, the number of drink varieties is dependant of the coffee makers features and its price. For instance, most high end models have the ability to brew using different types of coffee beans at the same time. This means that the consumer can choose the desired type of coffee bean for the exact type of coffee drink.

With some built in coffee machine, it is also possible to brew large quantities of coffee at a time. This function is suitable if one has to make coffee for meetings or several colleagues at a times.

Typical Locations for a Built In Coffee Machine

Generally speaking for business use, built in coffee machine are employed by companies with their own office rooms and kitchens. Built in coffee machines are especially apt at serving environments where there are varying preferences for coffee beverage types.

Additionally, office coffee machines such as, built in coffee machines have large brewing capacities, which makes them the perfect choice for locations with many coffee drinkers or just in general have a high consumption for coffee beverages. Although, built in coffee machine are relatively expensive, considering the long run can be a very advantageous investment.

Module Built In Coffee Machine

Service and Maintenance

Built in coffee machine are typically easier to clean and maintain than some other types of coffee machines. Most models in this category have removable brewing units and water tanks. Additionally, the vast majority are equipped with LED displays, which indicate when the bean container or water tank are empty.

Most suppliers of built in coffee machine offer 24 hour customer service, in order to guarantee customers have as smooth a user experience as possible. As a rule of thumb, it is strongly recommended to closely follow the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines in order to ensure the warranty of the product.

If you are ready to learn more about your options for built in coffee machines, fill out a quote request form today. Our sales team will review your business’ specific needs before contacting you with up to four free quotes of qualified coffee machine suppliers in your area.