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Last Updated: 02. June 2016

Benefits of Bean to Cup Machines

In the world of business, there is a common trade off between quality and convenience. This can be a recurring trend in the world of coffee as well.

Luckily with bean to cup machines you can have the best of both worlds. Many of the qualities of bean to cup machines make them perfect for professional environments. Bean to cup machines offer very high quality coffee with the convenience of simplicity. More advantages of bean to cup machines are as follows:

  • Brewing speed - most drinks take a matter of seconds to brew.
  • High volumes of cups per day - many commercial models can brew hundreds of cups per-day.
  • User-friendly interface - drinks can be made with a push of a button.
  • High quality coffee - bean to cup machines can brew coffee from any variety of bean.
  • Large variety of coffee beverages - Most models have many of the most popular coffee beverages already preset; including milk based beverages.
  • Fresh ground coffee - Thanks to an internal coffee bean grinder, bean to cup machines always brew fresh coffee.

If you’re on the fence about which commercial coffee machine is the best match to your business needs, then continue reading for additional information about bean to cup machines.

If you have already have an idea of which type of coffee machine you need, please fill out the free quote contact form at the top of this page. Our skilled team of coffee machine experts will be happy to assist you with any coffee related issues you might have. After filling out the free quote form, you will be contacted with up to 4 free quotes from qualified suppliers of commercial coffee machines in your area. This service is absolutely free of charge and has no obligation to buy.

How Convenient Is Your Coffee?
When it comes to outstanding coffee experience, quality should never be undervalued. However, What isn't so often discussed is, how convenient is having the best quality coffee really?

Many will argue that a commercial espresso coffee machine is the be all end all to the perfect coffee experience. This is very true if you're ordering your coffee from a cafe, but it might not be that way in all settings. Say that you normally make your coffee in an office environment, due to the steep learning curve, it might not be very practical using a commercial espresso coffee machine.

The good news is there are commercial coffee machine options that can provide you with way more in terms of convenience. With a bean to cup coffee machine you get the same high quality coffee you expect from other coffee machines and none of the hassle.


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What Is a Bean to Cup Machine?

A bean to cup machine is a high tech coffee machine that give you the ability to freshly ground coffee on demand with a push of a button. What makes this possible is the internal coffee bean grinding embedded within the bean to cup machine. This innovation makes it as simple as possible to enjoy high quality coffee. With a bean to cup machine all you need to do it load your favorite coffee beans into the machine’s bean hopper and select your desired beverage and the machine does the rest.

Primary Features of Bean to Cup Machines

  • Cup capacity - depending on the model and size of your bean to cup machine, some small models can brew up to 75 cups per day. Alternatively, some larger machines are capable of brewing up to 300 cup of coffee per hour!
  • Two cup simultaneously - coffee breaks are social events and its nice to know that your coffee machine can brew two cups at the time time, especially if there is a long line at the coffee machine.
  • The perfect foam - additionally to great coffee quality, bean to cup machines are also very apt at foaming milk to perfection each and every time.

Bean To Cup Coffee Automat

Price Range for Bean to Cup Machines

As you might have already imagined, the price range for a bean to cup machine is dependant of the model and features of the machine. Concerning the features of bean to cup machines, they can split into two categories; semi-automatic and fully-automatic. Typically semi-automatic machine can start from £500 while fully-automatic machine could reach up to £10,000. The price is relatively low when comparing how much one could save from not buying over-priced coffee from cafes. That is why it is best to consider purchasing a bean to cup machine as an investment because of the long-term advantages.

Rent or Lease Bean to Cup Machines

Alternatively, it is also possible to rent or lease coffee machines. In this way you can test out a few different models and find the best fit for your business needs. Afterwards you can pay off the machine in monthly installments instead of one lump sum. Additionally, many coffee machine rental and lease contracts provide technical services and maintenance within the monthly fee.

If you’re ready to learn more about buying, renting, or leasing bean to cup machines, your best option is to fill out the free quote contact form. Our team will review your needs and gather up to 4 free quotes from qualified suppliers of commercial coffee machine in your area. As always, this service is completely free of charge and there is absolutely no obligation to purchase.