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Last Updated: 02. June 2016

The Primary Types of Office Coffee Machines

The decision to buy an office coffee machine is an important one. And as an informed consumer it is necessary to have an understanding about different products in order to make an educated comparison.
These are a few of the most popular types of office coffee machines.

If you have already researched the different types of office coffee machines, you can fill in the contact form with your requirements. Our team of coffee machine professions will put you in contact with local office coffee machine suppliers that fit your specific needs. As always, this service is completely free of charge and there is no obligation to buy.

Types of Office Coffee Machines

Instant Coffee Machines

Instant coffee machines are certainly the new kids on the block. These hot-selling machines appeal to a wide range of offices, typically because they are small and can brew a huge variety of coffee quickly.

These machines won’t grind whole coffee beans, but instead use what's called a ‘coffee pod’ or ‘coffee capsule’. The coffee pods contain ready-to-brew high quality freeze-dried coffee.

Instant coffee pod machines are perfect for small offices with few employees or for hosting meeting with clients. The largest downside for instant coffee pod machines, are their low cup-per-day capacity. If your office drinks a lot of coffee then you can expect to spend a lot of time emptying and cleaning the machine.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

These outstanding machines are perfect for larger offices who enjoy drinking a select few coffee drinks, such as, cafe lattes, cappuccinos, plain black, or espresso. Bean to cup machines combine quality with speed and high brewing capacity.

Their biggest advantage would be their large cup-per-day capacity and their coffee quality/freshness. If your office has many employees and a demand for lots of coffee then a bean to cup coffee machine is your best bet.

Because bean to cup machines have an embedded coffee grinder they can utilize whole coffee beans. Coffee grind constancy plays an important role in brewing a quality cup of coffee. An embedded coffee grinder means that your machine will guarantee a the same great coffee each and every time.

Having a bean to cup coffee machine that has it’s own coffee bean grinder means that you have the option to experiment with a virtually endless amount of different coffee beans from around the world.

Espresso Coffee Machines

Espresso coffee machines are by far the most popular coffee machines available today. Their popularity comes from their uncompromising quality. Although getting the perfect espresso takes a little knowledge and some practice, after getting past the learning curve you won’t ever look back.

Built-in Coffee Machines

Built in coffee machines are normally bean to cup or espresso machines depending of their function. The main difference is that these machines are built in to a kitchen module, in the same way as an oven or a microwave. If your office is tight on space these sleek machines are a great way to save space.

Filter Coffee Machines

This final type of office coffee machine is the most basic of all. That is not to say these machines are no good. If your preference is for black filter coffee and lots of it then look no further. With a filter coffee machine in your office brewing coffee couldn't be any easier.

If you manage to drink the pot dry your just three simple steps away from another fresh pot. Be prepared however, brewing a whole pot of coffee takes a good few minutes so you might be left waiting around a while.

Coffee Machine

Basic Features of an Office Coffee Machine

  • Boiler: Connected to the main pipes, the boiler heats the water to create steam to build up pressure and push the water through the coffee.
  • Group-head: Also connected to the main pipes, this is where the pressurized water in the boiler gets pushed to infuse with the coffee.
  • Steam wands: This is used for heating up milk for drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes. The wand works by adding hot steam to the milk. Keep in mind that the milk’s temperature should never exceed 70 degrees or otherwise the milk will go flat or start to curdle.
  • Knockout drawer: This is essentially a rubbish bin for all the used coffee grounds.

How to Get the Best Cup Out of Your Office Coffee Machine

When you order a coffee from your favorite cafe, the baristas there will control a few important variables such as water temperature, steam pressure, and the fineness of the ground coffee. This is all part of the process of making a great cup of coffee.

Your office coffee machine will also perform all these operations but it can be very useful to know how these functions work so your coffee’s quality is never compromised.


A key distinction in grinders to keep in mind, is the difference in grinder size between office coffee machines and machines intended for home use. It is not a good idea to use a coffee machine intended for personal use as a primary office coffee machine. This is so important because the grinder in home coffee machines is so much smaller compared to machines intended for commercial use.

A smaller grinder will heat up much faster and the excess heat can have an impact on your coffee’s flavour. Commercial coffee machines made for office usage don’t have this problem because their larger grinders don’t require as much effort to get the job done.


Maintaining a half-full water boiler is another key factor in brewing the best cup of coffee possible. This is because steam needs to be able to build up in order to reach optimal pressure levels. Without proper pressure, then the coffee cannot brew properly.
The water boiler must also be drained on a regular basis in order to prevent the buildup of limescale in the machine. Always remember to refill the water tank with clean, cold water.

Once in awhile it is necessary to cleanse your office coffee machine. This can be easily done by leaving the coffee hopper empty and then pressing start on the machine. Continue this process until water comes out clean. Doing this will also ensure that there is no build up within the machine’s pipes.


Beans that are older than two weeks past their roast date will start to decay in quality. As a rule of thumb, it is better to buy smaller portions of beans more frequently. This will ensure that you always have the freshest brew possible.

Officee Coffee Machine

Don’t Forget

All these steps should be taken to prolong the lifetime of your machine. but don’t forget that everyone is capable of doing it. Your office coffee machine is a sophisticated piece of technology but in no way do you need to be an expert to operate it. Furthermore, there are plenty of options for the right office coffee machine to suit your needs. 

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