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Last Updated: 02. June 2016

Why Choose Coffee Machine Rental

Is it time for a new coffee machine? If you have already looked around at a few different commercial coffee machine models but aren't ready to make a commitment, consider coffee machine rental. By renting you can test out a model and see how well it fits your specific needs without being tied down.

  • Enjoy high quality coffee without obligation to buy.
  • Without the need to tie up funds investing in an expensive commercial coffee machine.

If you are interested in taking advantage of coffee machine rental don't wait, fill out the convenient contact form at the top of the page. Let us handle everything. Our team of coffee professionals will contact you free of charge and review your specific requirements. From there we will put you in contact with quality suppliers of coffee machine rental units. This service is completely free of charge and has no obligation to buy.

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Advantages of Coffee Machine Rental

By choosing coffee machine rental you can leave practical issues such as service and maintenance up to the supplier. In most cases suppliers off free service and maintenance as part of the rental agreement. This can potentially save you from a big headache.

Coffee machine rental also allows you to test different coffee machine options and find which suits your needs the best. If you plan is to invest in commercial coffee machine in the future, then this can definitely.

With such a wide variety of coffee machine rental options available today, whatever your requirements may be, there is always a suitable solution to be found.

1 Cup Coffee Machine

Office Coffee Machine Rental

It's a well know fact that office employees love quality coffee. Investing in an office coffee machine can have beneficial effects on your employee's mood and morale within the office.

Before deciding to on coffee machine rental there are a few considerations to identify first.

  • How many employees drink coffee?
  • How many cups of coffee are expected to be consumed per day?
  • What types of coffee do the employees prefer?

Offices with fewer employees might prefer small bean to cup coffee machines or instant coffee machines, while larger offices would find built in coffee machines or espresso coffee machines more suitable.

Coffee Machine Rental Options

The price of coffee machine rental can fluctuate depending on the desired type of coffee machine and features. For instance, renting an instant coffee machine can cost between £5 to £30 per week. Prices for renting larger units such as coffee vending machines can be between £5 to £50 per week. Professional espresso machine rental can run between £15 to £40 each week.

Your decision on a price range will determine what type of coffee your machine can brew. For instance, a basic filter coffee machine that can just brew black coffee has a lower price on the rental agreement than a coffee machine that can brew different variations of coffee such as lattes or cappuccinos.

If you are looking to rent a simple, easy to use coffee machine but still want some variety, we suggest renting a bean to cup coffee machine. Bean to cup coffee machine rentals provide you with the frestest method for brewing coffee, while also providing a few milk based coffee beverages.

Coffee Cup

Choosing the Right Supplier

An office coffee machine is a critical asset around which colleagues discuss and brainstorm ideas regarding their work, which is why it is important to get a good coffee machine. As explained previously, before deciding which coffee machine rental to opt for, you should first know how many cups of coffee you will need served per day. Moveover, you need to be aware of what your employees and customers want to drink- plain black coffee, hot chocolate, latte, or even soup with the push of a button.

Purchasing your own commercial coffee machine might be an unfeasible investment for your business right now. On the contrary, coffee machine rentals allow you to be more flexible with your financial plans. Moreover, most suppliers offer full service and maintenance; eliminating the headache of dealing with that yourself.

Choosing the most suitable coffee machine rental for your business can be difficult. If you feel lost or are too busy to research these things yourself, just fill out the quote request form at the top of the page. Our team will contact you with up to four free quotes from our qualified suppliers. This service is completely free of charge and there are absolutely no obligations to purchase.