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Last Updated: 18. April 2016

Tired? Try a Coffee-Nap

Ever tried of a coffee-nap? I might be the best thing you do this year. If you have no idea what a coffee-nap is, have no fear, we have got you covered with this easy to follow infographic.

Most people having experienced the all too common afternoon lull. It's the time of day when you're not exactly sure if you need a nap or another cup of coffee. But here's something new to try the next time you're Wishing you had got an extra hour of sleep last night.

Studies done at the National Health Service in the UK tested drowsiness in drivers to see which methods work best for staying awake at the wheel. They tested how drivers field after either having a 20 minute nap or drinking a cup of coffee. But what turned out to be the most effective was to; start by drinking a cup of coffee and follow up with a 20 minute nap.

It sounds odd and counterintuitive but Considering the attention caffeine take about 20 minutes before the effects are field, a coffee-nap is truly genius.


Whether you're behind the wheel or in front of a computer, drowsiness effects us all, but now you having a new technique for warding off exhaustion. So, drive safe and work smart!

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