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Last Updated: 06. April 2016

Having an Office Coffee Machine Could Save Your Life Part 2

As addressed in part one, we discovered a few of the many benefits of having an office coffee machine. If you haven't yet read how Having an office coffee machine could save your life check it out.

In part two we elaborate further on some of the advantages having an office coffee machine can have on your health.

  • Coffee can lower your risk for some types of cancer
  • Coffee has shown to lower your risk of stroke
  • Coffee is the biggest source of antioxidants in the western diet

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Coffee Drinkers Have a Lower Risk for Some Types of Cancer

Cancer today is one of the world’s leading causes of death. Drinking coffee however, appears to act as a protective agent against both liver and colorectal cancer. Cancer of the liver and colon rank as the third and fourth leading causes of death in the world. But the good news is, studies show that drinking coffee can have up to a 40% decreased risk of liver cancer. As well, a study of 489,706 individuals found that those who drank 4-5 cups of coffee per day had a 15% lower risk of colorectal cancer.

Coffee Hearts

Coffee Does Not Cause Heart Disease and May Lower Your Risk of Stroke

You might have heard that coffee can cause heart disease. However, this has been disproven. While it is true that caffeine can increase blood pressure, the effect is miniscule and usually disappears entirely if you drink coffee regularly. Actually, there is evidence that women who drink coffee have a reduced risk of heart disease, and some studies even link coffee consumption to a 20% decrease in the risk of stroke.

Coffee is the Biggest Source of Antioxidants in the Western Diet

Coffee has been identified as one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. This is due to the fact that, studies show most people actually get more antioxidants from coffee than both fruits and vegetables combined.

Coffee may help you live longer

For each one of the reasons above, coffee has been linked to a lower risk of death, especially in women according to two very large studies over a 18-24 year period. Type II diabetics as well had a 30% lower risk of death over a 20 year study period.

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