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Last Updated: 08. April 2016

Finding the Best Commercial Coffee Machine for the Office


For years coffee has been the lifeblood of the modern office. Having quality coffee readily available not only energizes your employees but also enables them to perform tasks more efficiently. No matter morning or afternoon, fresh coffee can can be enjoyed throughout the work day.

  • 61% of employees feel that their employees cares about their well-being if they provide good hot beverage options such as in office coffee and tea service.
  • 43% reported experiencing a positive effect on their work productivity.
  • 90% of decision makers and 85% of employees believe that quality coffee and tea can contribute to increased productivity and morale.

If you would like to see these same type of results, then your office will greatly benefit from owning or commercial coffee machine rental. You are very welcome to fill out the free quote form to be contacted with a list of hand picked local suppliers who match your specific needs.

Picking the best commercial coffee machine for your office

The commercial coffee machine can be found in just about every office. Office coffee machines are undeniably an important part of any workday, providing workers with the fuel to tackle anything.

But, deciding on which commercial coffee machine is right for you can be a daunting task. With so many brands and models on the market today knowing which is the best fit depends on the needs of your office.

Identifying office’s coffee drinking habits is the first step towards finding the most suitable commercial coffee machine.

A good place to start is by asking yourself, how many cups of coffee will your office normally drink in a day. Knowing this can determine the coffee machine’s size and capacity.

What type of coffee does your office prefer? These days commercial coffee machines can range from manual espresso machines to standard filter coffee machines or even high-tech automated machines that do it all.

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Having An Office Coffee Machine


An office survey revealed that when an office does not provide coffee, 22% of employees spend an average of 14-20 minutes a day leaving the office to buy coffee. This loss of productivity can add up to over $15,000 a year for an office of fifty people.

Lost time means lost money, but it’s not just about direct losses. Employees drinking good coffee are more productive, which means more work can be done. Buying an automated commercial coffee machine is not a cost, rather, it is an investment in your most valuable asset: your employees!

Luckily, this potential loss is preventable. Having a commercial coffee machine located conveniently within your office means that your employees never have far to go for a piping hot cup of coffee.

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Benefits of having a commercial coffee machine

Offices with the need for high volumes of coffee for their workers are making the move to fully automated commercial coffee machines that do it all. These powerful coffee machines take coffee brewing to the next level. They provide the consumer with the same level of convenience as instant or filter coffee, but at the same time, are able to produce more sophisticated drinks such as, lattes, cappuccinos, or even cafe au lait.

These additional features are especially useful for businesses that host a lot of client meetings and want to make a strong impression.

For further information about finding the right commercial coffee machine for your office.

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