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The Best Commercial Coffee Machine for your Office

If you’re a coffee drinker, then you can appreciate a good, quality cup of coffee. But at the same time you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to get it. Leaving the office to take several coffee trips a day not only is an expense but also a huge waste of time.

But don’t despair, the solution is a commercial coffee machine. Now you can have fresh quality coffee on-demand from the convenience of your office and you don’t need to be a barista either. These days automated commercial coffee machines can brew a wide variety of drinks at a push of a button.

  • Does your office need a machine that can serve large volumes of coffee to hundreds of employees?
  • Do you need a machine that can produce a few cups of high quality coffee for important clients?

Start enjoying some of the benefits of having your own commercial coffee machine in your office today. It’s quick and easy to fill out a free, no-obligation quote request form. Our team of professionals will tailor-make a list of suppliers that match your specific needs.

Having a Commercial Coffee Machine is Never a Bad Idea

Dawn, dusk, or anywhere in between, the fact is that coffee can be enjoyed anytime; during any occasion. Whether you're hosting important clients or it's just another Monday morning and your employees need a little pick-me-up, having a commercial coffee machine at the office can really come in handy. But, you can’t truly grasp all the subtle indirect benefits until you’ve actually got it in the office.

Investing in a office coffee machine for a professional enviorment will ensure that your workers remain constructive, content and have the opportunity to take a break and rejuvenate before going back to their work activities.

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Coffee Machine

Which Commercial Coffee Machine Should You Buy?

Various commercial coffee machines have the capacity to produce anywhere between 15 to 500 cups of coffee per day. The variety of beverages can range from plain black to espresso to many other hallmarks such as cafe lattes or cappuccinos. To help narrow down the best possible commercial coffee machines, we suggest first figuring out your office’s coffee volume demand in terms of cups per day. After which it will become easier to compare coffee machines, keeping your coffee drink preferences in mind.

With so many different brands and models of commercial coffee machines on the market today, how can anyone figure out which one is the most suitable for your exact needs? Unfortunately there is no magic coffee machine that is perfect for every and all situations, but luckily nowadays you can definitively find one that gets pretty darn close.

  • Bean to cup coffee machine - semi or fully automated machines that grind coffee beans to-order, then add hot water to brew, afterwards adding milk and/or sugar.
  • Filter coffee machines - brews coffee from pre-ground beans.
  • Instant coffee machines - uses freeze-dried, pre-ground coffee beans and hot water to brew each drink.

A lot of coffee machines on the market have a combination of different features. For example, some filter coffee machines have an integrated grinder and can be used with pre-ground coffee beans or fresh-ground coffee beans.

A relatively new option available today are instant coffee machines that use portion-sized coffee pods. These coffee pods are pre-packaged and ready to go. The amount of flavors offered is absolutely vast, so if you believe variety is the spice of life, this is the machine for you.

The only downfall to these machines is that they fall short on brewing volume before needing to be emptied. So, if you're interested in having a few great quality cups of coffee for yourself and maybe a couple of clients then an instant coffee pod machine will do the trick.

But, if you need a lot of coffee for an entire office, be prepared to do a lot of cleaning.

A better choice for medium to large offices would definitely be the fully-auto bean to cup coffee machines. These heavy weights of the coffee world can brew great quality coffee, fast; and they don’t quit.

With the amount coffee bean variety that exists today, you won't ever get bored experimenting with different flavors. And if you want great tasting coffee that's hassle-free. Well, with moderate usage, some machines can go all week before needing to be emptied, and that can save you a lot of time.

Coffee Machine 2

Coffee in the UK

The UK has traditionally been renowned for their intense love of tea. It may come as a surprise that coffee consumption is on the rise in the UK, and commercial coffee machines have become an asset for every business.

However, the current trend seems to favor instant coffee; projections forecast continued growth for the coffee industry in the UK

Coffee consumption is apparently the highest in Brighton, where coffee shops have spread intensely all around the city. London is also popular for its various coffee shops, and its growing trend of replacing their former passion for tea for a new passion for coffee. This increase in popularity has lead to consumers that are more demanding and expect high quality coffee.

Price of Commercial Coffee Machines

When it all boils down, price is typically an important determining factor. Naturally, price can vary depending on make and model of commercial coffee machine. It’s important to keep in mind function and features that you want in your coffee machine.

You might think that an instant coffee machine is the best because the price is typically lower than a bean to cup machine, but consider that the running cost is higher for instant coffee machines. In that case it might be worth it to pay a higher one-time fixed cost if it means saving on the variable cost of restocking the coffee in the machine.

Other considerations might be whether coffee machine rental or leasing coffee machines is a better option for your business.

Regardless of whether you buy, rent, or lease, servicing tasks related to the coffee machine, such as re-filling and maintenance, can typically be purchased as an operational service.

Office Coffee Machine

Other Aspects to Consider

All sorts of institutions have the needs for a commercial coffee machine. However, exactly what they need and expect from their product, changes depending on what their intended use for the machine is.

Some might wish for a machine that will brew a few high quality specialty coffee drinks for their employees and clients, while other machines are intended for public use.

The type of commercial coffee machine will differ greatly depending on where the machine is going to be used. An office coffee machine will typically be very different than a machine found in a public space, such as a library, foyer, or train station.

Most providers of commercial coffee machines offer some level of customization that is better suited for the situation, for example a public library coffee machine would need for the dispenser to be coin-operated or have a touch screen display.

Procuring a commercial coffee machine for your business should not be looked at as a flat purchase, but instead as an investment. There are many subtle indirect benefits of having a commercial coffee machine in your office, but these are nonetheless important factors.

Investing in a high quality machine will undoubtedly reflect positively on your company’s brand, especially if you regularly host clients and customers.

Quality coffee is also very important for your employees, especially because studies show that approximately 30 per cent of the average work day is unproductive. Providing them with fresh coffee not only lets them know that you care about their well-being, but also can help them along to becoming more efficient employees.

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